Economic Clusters

Economic Development Clusters

As defined by the U.S. Economic Development Agency (EDA), an economic cluster is a “geographic concentration of interconnected industries and supportive organizations that make regions uniquely competitive for jobs and private investment.”

Put more simply, it is a concentration of related industries on a particular location.  Clusters are comprised of manufacturers, their suppliers, support providers, academic and research institutions and other key players.

For example, an automotive cluster can be comprised of car manufacturers, the parts suppliers, the transportation companies that deliver cars from the factor to dealerships, companies that specialize in research and development (such as those that focus on safety or fuel economy improvements) marketing agencies that specialize in automotive marketing, and numerous other related businesses.

Through the U.S. Cluster Mapping Website you can get detailed industry cluster data for Schuyler County as well as any other county in the United States.  SCOPED has used this and other data to create an economic development strategy based on the following three major economic industry clusters in Schuyler County.  Click on the links below to learn more about each individual cluster:

Fermentation Cluster
Hospitality and Tourism