The New York State wine industry is a $4.8 billion business that produces 175,000,000 bottles of wine annual.

With twenty-seven wineries, Schuyler County has the 4th most wineries in the state of New York.  Yet the fermentation cluster in Schuyler County is much great than just wine production.

The fermentation cluster includes wineries, vineyards, breweries, distilleries, cidery, creamery or any other facility that produces a fermenting product.  This cluster also includes the other related businesses in the supply chain such as bottle manufacturers, equipment manufacturers, label makers and designers, and countless other businesses that are key to the production of fermented products.

This is a strong sector of our local economy and will continue to thrive on its own. By providing the right support an economic development infrastructure, as specific subset of this economic cluster, will be able to grown at an even faster rate and add additional living-wage jobs.

SCOPED is specifically interested in facilitating the increased production of higher value-add products for the purpose of exporting outside of New York.  This approach will bring net-new money into Schuyler County and support additional economic growth that will benefit the entire local economy.  This approach is also consistent with the economic development objectives of the Southern Tier Regional Economic Development Council and aligns with the State of New York’s initiatives.

To learn more about our efforts or if you have a businesses in the fermentation cluster that you are looking to take to the next level, please contact us.

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