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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the purpose of this program? To provide Schuyler County’s Hospitality Professionals with financial support due to financial hardship caused by COVID-19 and the subsequent decrease in wages, tips, and compensation for service.

Why FLX Gateway CDC? The mission of the FLX Gateway CDC is to leverage the strengths of Schuyler County and the region through Enhanced Commercial Activities and Economic Development. Our residents and workers are our number one asset and strength. Our success is built on our workforce. With this understanding, the CDC will administer the program through the collection of donations and the disbursement of assistance.

How much funding is available? There is no set funding at this point. Funding is determined by the amount donated from businesses and individuals.

How much funding can an individual receive? This will be determined by the amount of donations received and the number of verified applications received. All awardees will receive the same amount of funding. However, not all verified application may be funded in each round. The range of awards will be $100 – $500 and will be set by the award committee.

What are the criteria for a professional to receive funds?

  • Applicants must work and/ or live in Schuyler County
  • Applicants primary employment must be in hospitality (hospitality jobs include both forward facing (customer interaction) and behind the scenes)
  • Applicants must have been employed in the position prior to the pandemic
  • Applicants must have been laid off, furloughed, have reduced hours, have reduced pay, or have cancelled/ suspended contracts due to COVID-19
  • Applicants cannot be business owners with the exception of independent contractors that provide services to other hospitality businesses (1099 employees)

How are donations received? Donations can be made online at the above link or via check (Memo: Hospitality Fund) and mailed to:

FLX Gateway CDC

910 S. Decatur Street

Watkins Glen, NY 14891

How much of the donation will go to the hospitality professionals? 100%

Are donations tax deductible? Yes

How are funding decisions made? Application will be reviewed by the Funding committee established by the CDC Board and award decisions will be made. Any conflict of interests related to the awarding of funds will be noted and the committee member with the conflict will abstain from participation in the discussion and awarding of funds.

How will hospitality professionals be notified regarding the program? The program will be placed on Facebook (SCOPED, FLX Gateway CDC, Hector Has It All, Chamber, and others as shared) and the SCOPED Website. The notice will also be sent to all hospitality businesses located in Schuyler County. We will ask the business owners to disseminate the information to all employees, including independent contractors.

Where will application be available? Applications are available at the above link. All applications will be completed and submitted online.

What is the application period? Applications will be accepted May 1 through May 14.

Is this a onetime program? We hope to establish this as an ongoing program with subsequent rounds.

The FLX Gateway CDC is a non-profit organization whose mission is to improve economic well-being in Schuyler County and the region.

The Mission

The mission of the FLX Gateway CDC is to leverage the strengths of Schuyler County and the region through Enhanced Commercial Activities and Economic Development.


The Story

In June of 2016, the Finger Lakes Gateway Community Development Corporation (CDC) was formed. The CDC is a non-profit organization whose mission is to improve economic well-being in Schuyler County and the region through a community-driven, collaborative approach that fosters economic vitality by attracting new capital investment; facilitating commercial and residential development; and creating sustainable, living wage employment opportunities. The FLX Gateway CDC has a plan to guide its community focused activities, which include beautification efforts such as flower planters and signage, themed décor for race season, organized clean-up efforts, and more. To identify and assess community needs, concerns, and assets, the FLX Gateway has three dedicated work committees: Downtown Revitalization, Real Estate Redevelopment, and Business Improvement District. Moreover, the FLX Gateway Community Development Corporation entertains requests for funding that will support, enhance, and further our mission.

     The CDC is governed by a board of directors. Board members include:
     Chairperson: Ben Stamp
     Vice Chairperson: Brian Kenney
     Treasurer: Bruce Boughton
     Secretary:  Elizabeth Salamendra
     Board Members
     Rich Greenberger
     Kristin VanHorn
     Phil Barnes
Sarah Houck
Chris Duane
Wayne Pike

   The CDC has many committees that are working diligently on various task to improve the economic well-being of Schuyler County and the region through a community-driven, collaborative approach.

  Business Development – Bruce Boughton (Chair), Ben Stamp, Brian Kenney
   Community Beautification – Elizabeth Salamendra (Chair), Kristin VanHorn, Phil Barnes
  Fund Development – Bruce Boughton (Chair), Phil Barnes, Elizabeth Salamendra
   Community Revitalization – Brian Kenney (Chair), Rich Greenberger, Ben Stamp, Kristin VanHorn

We’d like to update the community on the $10 Million DRI award from NYS to Watkins Glen.  First, we are excited about this opportunity and the planning process has been fast moving, exciting, and dynamic.  We are expecting to be finished with the planning process in April 2018.  We have and will continue to utilize a VERY PUBLIC process to develop the plan and project list.  Because a project is listed in the final plan and project list does not guarantee any grant funding.  The $10M is designed to leverage private sector match. We will work diligently to have a mechanism to ensure a fair and transparent process during the awarding and implementation process.

Proposal:  VillageofWatkins_DRI Application 2017

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