Higher Education Linkages

Connections to higher education are key to economic growth


Connections to higher education are key to economic growth.  They provide a strong, new workforce; training for existing workers; access to faculty and facilities for research and development purposes; opportunities to work with interns who can assist in taking your business to the next level; and linkages to other entrepreneurs.

Did you know that within 50 miles of Schuyler County there are 25 institutions of higher education and seven of them confer doctorial degrees?

The proximity to so many great and diverse intuitions of higher education is a significant asset for Schuyler County and your businesses.  Some of the potential benefits for your business include:

Start-Up New York (http://startup.ny.gov/) – If you business has or could benefit from a meaningful relationship with an institution of higher education, you could qualify for the Start-Up New York program, which may allow you to operate tax-free for up to 10 year.  Visit the Start-Up New York site and contact SCOPED with any questions.

Workforce Development – Are you having workforce issues?  Can’t find workers?  Can’t keep employees?  Connecting to colleges and universities can help you with these issues.  Institutions of higher education are great resources, but most employers don’t have the time to navigate the different universities, departments and centers in order to access potential job candidates.  CSS Workforce can help. Click here to find out how CSS Workforce can help your business find and develop the best employees. You can also contact SCOPED for help in navigating the entire employee process.

Research and Development – Connecting with a faculty member that is doing research related to your business can be a great opportunity.  From grape and hops to biomedical to glass sciences, you would be amazed at the breadth and depth of research that is occurring in our region.  Contact SCOPED to learn more.