Schuyler County Industrial Development Agency

In carrying out its mission to assist with economic development in Schuyler County, SCIDA offers various forms of financial assistance that can amount to dramatic savings in the cost of expansion, relocation, retention or redevelopment projects.

So whether you’re looking for opportunities to expand current operations, establish a new venture or make some savvy investments, the best business decision you can make is to consider Schuyler County.




 What We Do

Real Property Tax Abatement
SCIDA can abate property taxes for eligible projects.

Sales Tax Exemption
SCIDA can provide an exemption from both state and local sales tax during the construction and equipping of a project.

Mortgage Recording Tax Exemption
SCIDA can provide an exemption from Schuyler County’s mortgage recording tax.

Taxable Exempt & Taxable Bond Financing
SCIDA can act as a conduit for taxable or tax-exempt industrial revenue bond (IRB) financing.  IRBs can often be less costly than conventional sources of financing.  They are revenue bonds issued by an industrial development agency to finance or refinance the construction or purchase of certain manufacturing, warehousing, industrial or commercial facilities which are then leased or sold to a private user.  Although SCIDA is the conduit for the issuance of an IRB on behalf of an applicant, the security for the bonds and the party responsible for repayment is the private user.

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